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Need a Halloween Costume idea? How about a sexy Chewbacca outfit?

Let’s say you are a Star Wars fan and want to dress  sexy again this year for Halloween. The only problem is, you don’t want to go dressed up as a Gold Bikini-clad Slave Princess Leia again. That’s okay.  Yandy.com, which is better known for their risqué lingerie and intimate apparel, has a Star Wars-like costume you want this October to look sexy and geeky, all at the same time.

Called the Sci-Fi Furry costume (presumably to avoid the wrath of George Lucas) this outfit manages to make a Wookie look hot. I mean I certainly would not want to get this walking carpet out of my way if you know what I mean. The costume comes with five pieces including, “a cropped top, lace-up mini skirt, hood with attached sleeves, leg warmers and over the shoulder satchel.”

Now granted, the makers have taken a few artistic liberties with the design, but if you ever wanted to see a sexy Wookie, this would be it.

You had better be prepared to shell out some money, though, as this Sci_fi Furry Costume retails for $239.95. And if this doesn’t look geeky and sexy enough for you, then check out their Sci-Fi Commander and White Soldier costumes as well. Hint-hint.

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Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By 2010 Movies

New horror, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and drama movies provide great inspiration for this year’s best costumes .

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Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By 2010 Movies

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