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Healthy Treats For Halloween

When the time of year rolls around where ghouls and goblins will be coming out to celebrate, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by a whole bunch of treats that are not as healthy as your diet may require. If you have young children, you may let them have some sweets during this holiday, but you can still limit the amount of sugar that they take in by offering up a variety of healthier Halloween treats. As a matter of fact, with just a little bit of imagination, you should be able to surround your entire family with healthy treat options all October long!

If you have the time and you would like to create some of your own healthy Halloween treats, then you might want to look in some of your favorite magazines or even online for great recipes. There are a number of cookies that you can bake up or even create your own candied fruits in shapes that will help you celebrate the festive Halloween season. Of course, popcorn is always one of those holiday staples that you can use to snack on or even shape into popcorn balls to give out as treats or pack up for your kids as a healthy snack option.

Do you plan on throwing a memorable Halloween party for your children or even some of your adult friends? If so, then you can put your imagination to work while creating healthier treat options that everyone will enjoy. Instead of serving sodas, think about flavorful punch created with juices! You can even freeze plastic bugs and creepy crawlies into ice cubes for a nice touch that everyone will be talking about.

When it comes to Halloween inspired foods and treats, you may want to think of making a pasta dish with rigatoni and a tomato based sauce. As you serve it up for a dinner treat near Halloween or even at a theme party out of a crock pot, make sure that you tell everyone to take a heaping helping of your creation called “Riga-Boney”! You can even follow up with a dessert of a jell-o mold with mixed in fruit that you chilled inside of a mold that is shaped like a giant brain for an extra touch!

Halloween is a fun holiday that is filled with plenty of options for treats and celebration. All you have to do is use your imagination and put your creative spin on the treats that you provide to your family. With a creative twist, you can come up with plenty of healthier Halloween treats that everyone will love.

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