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To Setup Your Home With Halloween Decorations

How hard is it to come up with Halloween decorations for your Halloween party?  Sometime it’s very hard depending on the theme you choose but other times you’ll have most of everything you need right in your house.  Halloween is on of the funnest festivals around because it gives everybody a chance to dress up as their favorite character.

Halloween gives the imagination numerous and innovative ideas not only for costumes but for decorations.  When you’re the one throwing the party, especially for Halloween, you have to adhere to the standard scary decorations but you can add other decorations to match the theme of your party.

Decide on your theme the start measuring your yard and rooms for Halloween props and other accessories.  Some of the props can be homemade but others you’ll need a little help with.  Along with the Halloween decorations you’ll need food, drinks, and the most important, candy.  Using your imagination you can come up with some amazing decorations for an unforgettable Halloween experience.

5' Haunted Halloween Door Cover

Don’t forget to start out with the Jack O’lanterns, spiders and spider webs, ghosts and various other traditional Halloween decorations.  These props are standard fare for Halloween and should not be forgotten or not used.  It wouldn’t be a Halloween party then, would it?

This year instead of using candles, which might catch fire to something or cause serious burns, use the LED or flickering bulbs.  They now have a variety of different colored lights for Halloween decorations that will fit with any theme. You can also use them indoor or out and make outlines with them to look like skeletons, tombstones, and even graveyards.  Let your mind take off with ideas for decorating your home for your party.

Don’t forget the witch’s cauldron.  One of the easiest decorations to make.  All you need is a large bowl or pot, dry ice, and water.  Be careful and don’t let the kids or adults play with the dry ice.  It will burn their skin and be sure to use thongs or gloves when handling it.

After you’ve hit all the traditionally decorations then you can go wild with any other items such as the gore that goes with vampires and graveyards.  These are easy to make with a little foam, glue, and paint.  Just think of the horrifying creations you can come up with.

Halloween Candy Bowls - Halloween Decorations

Halloween has always been gruesome with decorations to frighten as well as impressing your guests with your innovated ideas.  So put on your thinking hat and try to come up with Halloween decoration ideas that will “knock the socks” off your guests.

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Primal Rage – The Movie

The Movie:

Directed by Vittorio Rambaldi and written by none other than Umberto Lenzi (the man who gave us Cannibal Ferox among countless other Italian horror and crime movie classics), 1988′s Primal Rage was an Italian/American co-production made during the end of the Italian horror boom of the seventies and eighties. The film was available on VHS during that format’s heyday but has remained unavailable on DVD until now, thanks to the efforts of Code Red.

The film is set at a Florida college campus where unbeknownst to most of the student body a scientist named Ethridge (Bo Svenson, decked out in a white lab coat and sporting the world’s most pathetic ponytail) conducts experiments on baboons. What exactly he’s up to isn’t really made all that clear, but it’s got something to do with brain surgery of some sort. Regardless, the baboon in question is injected with something that makes him very grumpy and prone to biting people, which is a lesson learned the hard way by a pair of would be ‘gonzo journalists’ working for the school paper, Sam (Patrick Lowe) and Duffy (Mitch Watson) when the dastardly baboon chomps down on Duffy’s flesh.

As the movie plays out, dopey Duffy starts to show signs of infection. His skins starts to become sickly and his veins show through, and his behavior becomes increasingly primal and enraged in nature. Go figure. Sam, who rides around town on a red motor-scooter, sets the two of them up on a date with two girls – Lauren (Cheryl Arutt) and an unusually pro-abortion chick named Debbie (Sarah Buxton), but romance is not to be for soon he starts to lose his faculties and goes on a rampage across the campus. Of course, Duffy’s condition is communicable, and with this being a college campus and girls being readily available, he winds up spreading it. Before you know it, there are all manner of infected students running around causing trouble, much to the dismay of Ethridge and the local police force.

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Spooky Storytelling: Pass It On

Campers seem to love it. Passing on stories while the embers burn bright on a cool fall night is something we look forward to with trembling. Storytelling has been the most popular way to pass on folklore down through the ages. Here are some storytelling techniques to straighten their hair.

Storytelling on Halloween is expected. At least one ghostly story has to be told to an attentive audience. Movies are okay, but when the details are left to the imagination, the story takes on new life. Here are some tips to get everyone scared stiff with your story this Halloween.

1. Choose an appropriate venue. If you own a fire pit, let the storytelling begin outside. Cooler weather may mean you have to provide some blankets but that adds to the atmosphere. Inside the house, choose a quiet location big enough for everyone to sit in a circle. Instead of a fire, use a battery operated lantern or candle.

2. Turn off the lights. You can’t tell a good ghost story with the lights on. Outdoors, wait until the sun is completely down to start your tale.

3. Know the story. It can be read from a book or spoken from memory but get it right. A botched ghost story is like mangling a good joke by revealing the punch line. A good storyteller practices his craft so that his listeners won’t be disappointed.

4. Have an accomplice. Someone has to emphasize your high points with some creative theatrics. The theatrical help doesn’t need to be loud or overstated. A few noises or whispers that could be the wind or the trash can falling over are perfect to make the story more real.

5. Dress the part. No one will be frightened by someone in Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt. A dark cloak, some makeup, and a few well hidden props add to your fierceness. Some storytellers use a flashlight under their chin as the only source of light. This is a classic trick, but more light allows for listeners to catch a glimpse of your tricks as they unfold.

6. Choose a story that mixes fact with fiction. If you want to get people to believe you, adding a bit of fact will get the listeners thinking about the validity of the story. Also, choosing a story situation that could come true will put your story over the top.
Do you have a flare for the dramatic? If you do, consider telling a spooky story at the Halloween party this year.

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