With Halloween just over a month away, the season is already bringing mayhem and mischief to Party City as the store stocks its shelves with edgy new costumes in response to shifting consumer tastes.

“This year, Avante Garde hits mainstream, and as a result, 2010 costumes are expected to be completely over the top,” says Melissa Sprich, top costume merchandiser for Party City. “The fashion world right now is about fusing high-fashion looks with pieces that are completely individualized, and Party City’s collection of Halloween costumes allows customers to do just that.”

Melissa adds, “More than ever, the latest runway shows and fashion-forward individuals influence costume trends, and as always, the year’s hit blockbusters and outlandish pop figures strongly influence costume trends as people love taking on a completely different persona for Halloween.”

Specifically, Party City has witnessed a spike in demand for costumes reflecting Lady Gaga’s outrageous and provocative style, and her unique fashion statements are sure to be seen at many 2010 Halloween events.

According to Party City, the top 2010 Halloween costume trends include:

Lady Gaga Costumes
: The hugely popular recording artist and activist is also a fashion trend-setter. Lady Gaga’s VMA performance costume and her black and silver sequin dress are just two of the Lady Gaga costumes creating a buzz on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Modern-day Vampire Costumes: Inspired by the Twilight saga and True Blood series, today’s vampire differs from its menacing Victorian ancestor. Still wan and fanged, the modern vampire has a mysterious, sensual, and sometimes sensitive appeal. With this in mind, Party City debuts its Moonlight Bite vampire costume, which sparkles with electric lights in its ruffled black skirt.

1980s comeback costumes: Eighties style is back with a vengeance, so expect this year’s Halloween ensembles to feature plenty of the big hair, leggings, bright neon colors, lace gloves, and acid-wash denim iconic of the
Michael Jackson
and Material Girl era.

Jersey Shore cast member costumes
: Expect to see costumes that amplify the distinctive looks and outlandish personalities of MTV’s popular reality show. Party City features all the accessories needed to pull off a signature Jersey Shore look, including Snooki’s leopard mini-dress dress, bumpit wig, and orange-tinted bronzer, Pauly D’s infamous perfectly gelled wig, and a “Situation” muscle-tee for Michael.

and Greek Goddess Costumes : Long, flowing, feminine Greek robes and gladiator-inspired sandals so popular in 2010 translate into beautifully fashionable Halloween costumes. Party City carries a variety of classic Egyptian, Roman, and Greek costumes that seem to float and create an air of celestial vision.

Movie-inspired costumes
: Hollywood is always a rich source of inspiration for Halloween costumes. Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Avatar, and Alice and Wonderland costumes are sure to populate this year’s Halloween parties, but Star Wars Darth Vader remains the perennial favorite.

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    What a great idea. Thanks alot.

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    She’s wonderful, I just love her don’t you? At the least Lady Gaga is invariably new and engaging, nothing like the majority of the fabricated musical junk around right now!

  3. Ron Kulbeth Says:

    I’ve always loved halloween. I wait for our party for several weeks however it is all over much too fast.

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  17. Harland Berfield Says:

    Lady Gaga is a FREAK! What is all the fuss about. I would NEVER let my kids watch her! She is LOW RENT! Dont buy her music or even watch her and then she will dry up and blow away! She is just plain YUCK!

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