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(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) – Halloween might still be more than two months away, but it seems the catastrophic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has inspired a creepy new costume for the spookiest night of the year.

Known for creating the eerie mask for the “Scream” costume, New York costume supplier Fun World has come up with a 2010 BP oil spill Halloween costume that will no doubt make that real-life nightmare come to life again for many.

According to AOL News , the costumer tailored a oil rigger outfit equipped with an oiled jump suit, a wrench and a dead fish and it is available for pre-order online at Anytime Costumes.

But rather than standing for British Petroleum, BP stands for “Bad Planning” on this clever costume label.

And while the costume may be considered to be in bad taste by many, it is reportedly perfectly legal.

The costume could also end up actually helping the cleanup effort in the Gulf of Mexico, since Fun World plans to donate part of the profit from the sales of the outfits to the relief effort.

It doesn’t look like Halloween will be a time for sensitivity, as other potentially offensive costumes are available.

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The BP Oil Spill Halloween Costume Available

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