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TIS’ the bewitching month, and the fans of the fanged ones boldly surface in broad daylight to reclaim their place among the living dead.

Passion for all things vampire rose to a fever pitch this month as Eclipse opened in theaters across the world, and True Blood and Vampire Diaries stake their claim on the small screen.

Although the status of vampires in pop culture is nothing new, it seems in recent years they’ve become the greatest thing since milk and cheese, or for want of a local context, nasi lemak.

If in the past, vampires were thought to be sensuous and deadly predators, now thanks to Twilight’s Edward Cullen, vampires are seen to be moody and darkly brooding, but respectable and emotional creatures with a healthy sex drive to boot.

It was even reported in Entertainment Weekly that when Twilight was first introduced two years ago, some women became so obsessed that they quit their jobs to sell homemade T-shirts and jewelery inspired by the books.

Every few years, Goth rears its dark head and given the current amp on vampire chic, its resurgence is understandable. At one stage, people used black eyeliner for lip-liner and red lipstick over that to give that very deep blood-red lips, observed Dior Beauty’s Ricky Wilson in 2008.

On the runways, dark, black, smoky eyes and dark, rich blood-red lips on pale skinned skeletal models are commonly seen in Fashion Weeks every once in a while.

However, this lifeless beauty trend have taken on more romanticism and appeal this year as Goth-likeness comes off looking more subtle and less heavy-handed.

A whole new meaning has been given to the word “vamp”, the look best illustrated in the Georges Chakra Fall 2010 fashion show. M.A.C make-up artist Gregory Arlt kept models’ faces very pale and focused on a dark lip using M.A.C Diva lipstick, which he dubbed “glampire beauty”. The models at the Doo Ri Fall 2010 fashion show had blood red lips topped with glitter, bringing the glampire theme to new heights.

Style Black make-up by M.A.C made its dark debut last year.

What do dead people know about fashion, right? Well, plenty it seems, as creatures of the night couture place emphasis on vampy and gothic aesthetics. Ah, but wait … Vampires dress like normal civilians in this day and age to help them blend in, so look to Vampire Diaries for your fashion aspiration.

The favorite look of vampires on the show is strong leather pieces, as is the color red, often seen on the lead, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Outfits are paired with leather pieces such as jackets while leggings, graphic Ts and cropped jackets enhance the look.

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  1. Dracula Says:

    I always like women who dress up like vampires..nice red lips, pale face.

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