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Halloween Accessories

You can’t claim to celebrate Halloween without looking the part. Those who find the holiday comparable to Thanksgiving or Christmas go all out. Here are some must have items for Halloween.

They are ghoulish, green, warty, and wear black hats. I’m referring to witches. You can’t have a Halloween setup without witches. It could be silhouetted witches for the windows or a witch projection on the side of your home.

Don’t forget the broom. A witch is nothing without her broom. Perch one in the corner of the porch or beside a tree in the front yard. Many people use lifelike stuffed figures on their front porches to scare trick-or-treaters.

Dressed in all black, most people don’t even notice that they are even there. Mechanical figures will freak out the guests all the way to your door. A witch is a Halloween necessity.

What about black cats? You can’t have a witch without a black cat. They really aren’t any different from other cats, but they just got a bad rap over the centuries. That notwithstanding, a freaked out cat with ears perked and back arched, somewhere on the premises helps sets the mood.

One of the cutest things I’ve seen is a statue of three black cats emulating the see, hear, and speak no evil monkeys. Don’t worry kitties – we know you are purrrfectly safe. Sit one on the top of your mailbox to welcome the kids.

Glow in the dark paint works wonders for scary features during Halloween. A few well placed signs with this paint will entice even the most frightened person to check it out. Draw a few glowing monster footprints in the driveway leading through the grass. At least one person will follow the breadcrumbs.

What about the spooky vapors that rise from the swamp? No one wants a stinky swamp in their yard but the fog is okay. Fog machines can be positioned on the step or in the yard to create a ghostly atmosphere to your home. The fog can mask some ghoulish goblins and ghosts hanging from the trees.

Ghosts are also a key accessory for Halloween. Instead of stickers, drape huge helium balloons with white sheets and secure with a rope or rubber band. Let them hover around the yard all evening. Kids will want to know what’s keeping them bobbing around.

How do you accessorize for Halloween? There are so many things to choose from. Having too much will ruin the effect. There is a fine line between gaudy and sparse. Find the frightening balance.

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