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Thinking about how you can save money this Halloween? Why not consider a costume that you design from used odd and end clothing and accessories? Thrift or Goodwill stores offer these items at a small portion of what you would pay at a Halloween or retail store. You can also network with other moms and swap off old costumes for the one you want. With some creativity and legwork, you can make any of the following costumes.

Argh Matey! – Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes will be huge this year. You need baggy black or brown pants cut below the knee. Pirates wore baggy white shirt that are cuffed up. A solid baggy vest, unbuttoned, would be worn over the shirt. Add a bright scarf tied around your waist. Army boots, large gold hoop earrings, sword, eye patch, hat or bandana tops this outfit off. If you live in a colder region you might want to look for a long black coat.

BOO To You Too! – Ghost Costumes

The ghost is the oldest and easiest ghoulish outfit around. You need a large white sheet that completely drapes your being. With arms down cut any excess off the bottom up to an inch from the ground. Cut out eyeholes. White eye make up keeps the ghost entirely white. You can carry a pumpkin or maybe a glow stick for that added touch.

If I Only Had a Brain! - Scarecrow

With the right straw hat and a little straw, a scarecrow can easily be done. Oversized, old and sloppy is the key. You will need old overalls or jeans that you can patch with bandana type material, a flannel shirt, work boots and work or garden gloves. Be sure to stuff straw or raffia inside your shirt and leave some hanging out wherever you can. A blackbird attached to your hat, silk daisies or a corn cob pipe would be good accessories. Paint your face base white and proceed with black paint for a triangle nose and circle eyes. Paint your lips a bright red extending the make up beyond your lips for a straight smile.

10 Hut! – The Always Popular Football Player

Another inexpensive way to look sharp while using odds and ends is the football player. You may have or can easily network to get the pads, helmet, shirt, cleats and pants for this easy costume. Black make up under the eyes is all that is needed. Oh, don’t forget to carry the football for the full effect.

As soon as this year’s festivities are done, start thinking about next year! Once Halloween is over, it’s time to hit the discount stores. Often, outfits and accessories can be picked up for half the price or less. Thinking ahead on what your needs will be the following year will save you a ton of money, especially if you’ve got more than one person in the family dressing up. Don’t forget the garage sales too. This past Spring I bought my son’s character costume at a garage sale for two dollars. Outstanding savings I must say. Clearly, with a little imagination and a bit of planning ahead, you can create a costume that the kids will love and so will your checkbook.

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No Halloween costume party invites this year? Lucky for you, there is a slightly better alternative to candy corn at the neighborhood Halloween social. “Halloween has been continuing to grow as a focal point in Las Vegas for the past 10 years,” says Lark Ellen Gould, author of “The Little Black Book of Las Vegas.” But has it reached its full party potential? Not quite, says Rick Garman, author of “Frommer’s Las Vegas” and founder of “No one is taking over the casinos and creating some huge Halloween attraction; instead, they are taking what’s there and making it fit into the season.” Well, if losing your shirt to a bad poker hand isn’t scary enough, here are a few of the most terrifying trick-or-treat attractions in Las Vegas.

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8 ways to get spooked in Las Vegas

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If you’re having a Halloween party, your guests shouldn’t have any problems coming up with Halloween costume ideas.  There are literally thousands of ideas they can come up with.  It’s just a matter of deciding what they want to be and how much effort they want to go to.  Here are a few ideas you can give your guest, even if you have a themed party.

Since you want your guest to participate in any games you have it’s best not to have a theme party with eighteen hundred dress.  Especially for women in those long bowed out hoop dresses.  It’s even hard to dance in them let alone bob for apples.  So pick your Halloween theme with care and your guest should be happy.

Your theme can be any of the thousands ideas from cartoon characters, movies, TV shows, and
Rock Stars to the good old fashion hunted house. Give them plenty of time to get their Halloween costume ideas together by sending out the invites early.  If necessary, put ideas on the bottom of the invitations just to give them some ideas on how to dress up.

If you’re a fan of Disney then your theme will be an easy one for your guests.  They can dress up like
Beetlejuice Toy Story ,  Prince of Persia, Tigger or Pooh, Chronicles of Narnia, and even Bolt and Tinker Bell.  They list goes on and on.  It’s one theme that will have your guest running out to costume shops looking for their favorite character.

You can also make a directive that says the Halloween costume must be homemade.  It’s one of the hardest costume ideas to do but it helps use the imagination and you’ll see some wonderful costumes.

Another theme party you can throw is the Hollywood glamour themed party.  Of course, you’ll get a number of Brangelina’s and Bennifer’s plus you’ll also see all the major stars at your party.  You can tell your friends and family how you partied with the stars last night.

One more party theme that will give your guests a ton of costume ideas is a theme from classic movies. You’ll get to bob apples with Samson and Delilah, watch fireworks with Anthony and Cleopatra, and sit and drink tea with Scarleet and Rhett.  This is one of the best themes for Halloween costume ideas for your guests.

Womens Gone With The Wind Scarlet O'Hara Picnic Costume Gone With The Wind Scarlet O’Hara Picnic Costume

This is a replica of the beautiful gown worn by Scarlet O’Hara in the picnic scene in Gone With The Wind. Scarlet looked so lovely, standing out among all the other young ladies. Her goal at the barbeque at the Twelve Oaks Plantation was to see the love of her life, Ashley Wilkes. While the other girl’s are napping, Scarlet sneaks away to profess her love to Ashley. Her heart is broken when Ashley tells her of his intent to marry Melanie. Just after that she meets Rhett Butler and thus the epic story begins. She may have been upset but she still looked lovely in this Women’s Gone With The Wind Scarlet O’Hara Picnic Costume featuring a white gown with a pale green floral pattern. The dress has a ruffled neckline and a wide green satin sash. Its a stunning dress that exudes old world southern femininity.

All in all, the best theme is one that will enchant your guest and give them tons of ideas for their Halloween costume.  They will talk about your party far into the future and will remember what fun they have coming up with the Halloween costume ideas.

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Going out into the ghoulish night to troll for candy is not as innocent as it seems. It should be but it is not. Parents and children alike want to enjoy their bit of frightful fun without real dangers lurking around every corner. Here are some safety tips to accomplish that task.

1. Begin trick or treating during the daylight. It used to be that everyone waited until dark for greater effect. Unfortunately, there are those who want to cause trouble and can only do so after dark. Now, trick or treating begins at dusk even if the sun is not down.

2. For smaller children, drive instead of walk. The concept is the same as far as kids are concerned. Their friends will still see their costume and they still receive candy. As the night wears on it may get cold and little feet get tired quite quickly. A car means a faster exit when everyone is too tired to go on.

3. Check the candy before letting any be eaten. It is a safety precaution that protects the kids. Not everyone is out to harm children but there have been incidents in the past where blades and pins were found in candy.

4. Stick together. Never let a child go trick or treating alone. If you can’t do it, entrust your child’s care to another adult friend. Let them walk a few feet ahead to feel independent but not so far that they are out of your sight.

5. Choose costumes that fit properly. Wherever possible, use homemade costumes or non-toxic paint to replace store bought masks. Most masks are too hot and don’t provide an adequate visual field. Kids who can’t see where they are going can trip and fall.

6. Refrain from taking homemade candy and treats. Even schools don’t accept homemade food items anymore. It is too easy to get sick and the liability is high. Homemade candy apples look scrumptious, but there is no list of ingredients to tell you what was used to create them. Stick to prepackaged candy for children to eat.

7. Use a cloth shopping bag to hold the candy. Plastic bags can buckle under the weight of the haul and your child could lose their loot on the front step or in the street. Plastic pumpkins don’t hold as much candy and the strap can break with the same results as a plastic bag.
Trick or treat is a fun Halloween night tradition designed to scare us silly. In the process, don’t forget to take precautions so everyone is safe.

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Maybe it’s Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the appearance of the Great Pumpkin. Or Charlie Brown looking in his trick-or-treat bag and saying, “I got a rock.” Or Snoopy in his Halloween costume as the World War I Flying Ace. Everyone has a favorite PEANUTS Halloween memory.

“Using social media is an excellent way to share your love of those classic PEANUTS moments that have been a part of your life for so long—and what could be better than the fact that now you can get rewarded for it, too!”

No wonder, since Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and the gang have been celebrating the holiday for 60 years—ever since Charles Schulz published his first PEANUTS comic strip on October 2, 1950. That’s six decades in which to gather a treasure trove of great memories—which grow even richer when you share them with your friends.

That’s exactly the fun of the brand-new “Countdown to the Great Pumpkin” social media game. Now PEANUTS fans can log on to to share their favorite PEANUTS quotes, videos, pictures, news and more via their social media accounts—and in the process, earn points toward a custom PEANUTS pre-loaded iPad! The winner will then have a chance to win an additional $25,000. Weekly winners will receive prizes throughout the contest including The PEANUTS Collection from Little, Brown and Co.; Snoopy Flying Ace Xbox game from Smart Bomb Interactive; It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown from Running Press; and the Deluxe Holiday Collection 3-pack DVD set from Warner Home Video.

Members of the Schulz family—including Charles Schulz’s son Craig, daughter Jill, and widow, Jeannie—will be playing along, offering their own PEANUTS memories and suggesting some of the daily to-dos.

“One of the things that has always given me the most pleasure about PEANUTS is the way it creates a joyful bond between people,” says Craig Schulz. “Using social media is an excellent way to share your love of those classic PEANUTS moments that have been a part of your life for so long—and what could be better than the fact that now you can get rewarded for it, too!”

From September 7 through October 31, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and MySpace users can visit and register their accounts to participate in the “Countdown to the Great Pumpkin” game. Players will earn points by completing the “Daily To-Do”—a different PEANUTS-themed task each day.

See the article here:
PEANUTS Fans: Celebrate 60 Years of Halloween Memories — Linus in the Pumpkin Patch! Charlie Brown’s ‘I Got a Rock …

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The Movie:

Directed by Vittorio Rambaldi and written by none other than Umberto Lenzi (the man who gave us Cannibal Ferox among countless other Italian horror and crime movie classics), 1988′s Primal Rage was an Italian/American co-production made during the end of the Italian horror boom of the seventies and eighties. The film was available on VHS during that format’s heyday but has remained unavailable on DVD until now, thanks to the efforts of Code Red.

The film is set at a Florida college campus where unbeknownst to most of the student body a scientist named Ethridge (Bo Svenson, decked out in a white lab coat and sporting the world’s most pathetic ponytail) conducts experiments on baboons. What exactly he’s up to isn’t really made all that clear, but it’s got something to do with brain surgery of some sort. Regardless, the baboon in question is injected with something that makes him very grumpy and prone to biting people, which is a lesson learned the hard way by a pair of would be ‘gonzo journalists’ working for the school paper, Sam (Patrick Lowe) and Duffy (Mitch Watson) when the dastardly baboon chomps down on Duffy’s flesh.

As the movie plays out, dopey Duffy starts to show signs of infection. His skins starts to become sickly and his veins show through, and his behavior becomes increasingly primal and enraged in nature. Go figure. Sam, who rides around town on a red motor-scooter, sets the two of them up on a date with two girls – Lauren (Cheryl Arutt) and an unusually pro-abortion chick named Debbie (Sarah Buxton), but romance is not to be for soon he starts to lose his faculties and goes on a rampage across the campus. Of course, Duffy’s condition is communicable, and with this being a college campus and girls being readily available, he winds up spreading it. Before you know it, there are all manner of infected students running around causing trouble, much to the dismay of Ethridge and the local police force.

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Hosting a Haunted Halloween Party

No one says that you have to go out to have a good time on Halloween. Parties are one way to spend the evening at home and still have fun. Guests have fun and also find safety. Maybe this year you will host a Halloween party of your very own.

Send out invitations well in advance of the event. We know the date of the party so that is not a problem. Most people will either be attending another party, going trick or treating with the kids or attending your party. Let’s hope they attend your party.

Come up with a menu for the event. Ghoulish treats such as witch’s fingers or Jell-O eyeballs floating in the punch may be great for kids but a bit too macabre for some adults. In that case, stick with spooky decorations and normal looking food.

The best thing about Halloween parties is that they can be planned for both adults and children. Careful planning will give the adults time to unwind while the children are otherwise occupied. Tend to the children first.

In the early evening take the kids for a little door to door fun. While they are going through their snacks and eating finger foods that you prepared in advance, the rest of the work for the adult part of the party can begin.

If you want to serve drinks, keep it simple. Beer and wine involves less work than an open bar. Anyone drinking can’t drive home. Designate a driver or walk from home to the party. Neighborhood Halloween parties have the convenience of close proximity.

Have a few age appropriate Halloween videos for the kids to watch in the family room or living room when the guests retire to the patio or backyard for fun. Host a costume contest or a pumpkin carving contest. A little Halloween karaoke might break a few noise ordinances, but it will thrill the guests. Who knows all the words to “Monster Mash”?

Since the kids are a consideration, hosts can ask each invited guest to bring a dish to the party. This way, cleanup is faster and the host doesn’t have to do so much hard labor. They will appreciate the help.
Any types of games that are planned should be played before drinks are served. Too many accidents occur when someone’s judgment is impaired by alcohol.

Want to host a Halloween party? Grab the most frightening decorations, some eats, and creepy music, mix with a few friends and you’re sure to have a great time!

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When the frightening and always festive Halloween party season rolls around, you want to make sure that your family always has a good time. Instead of simply waiting to go out and trick or treat, you can think of putting together a great Halloween party that everyone will enjoy. However, what are you supposed to do if you do not have a ton of money that you can throw into decorations and all sorts of food for your Halloween shindig?Halloween Party - You are Invited

No fear! There are plenty of great ways that you can put together a killer Halloween party without completely breaking the bank. From the costumes all the way down to decorations and food, you can put together a memorable fright fest that all of your guests are sure to love. You simply have to kick your imagination into high gear and set aside the time to implement all of the ideas that you come up with.

Do you happen to have a couple of children who love to do arts and crafts? Gather up your kids and even some of their friends and sit them down with all of the craft supplies that they need to make great Halloween decorations. There are a variety of websites with terrific craft ideas as well as magazines out there that you can use for inspiration. Before you know it, you will have a complete collection of low cost decorations that you can put all over your house for the party.

If you have a dollar store nearby, you may want to think of going there for odds and ends decorations, favor bag goodies or even your paper goods for the party. You would be amazed at some of the affordable, fun items that you can get for a scream of a deal for your party. By saving money in all of these areas, you can put the rest of your budget into some of the food and beverages that you would like to serve up at your Halloween party!

For the food at your Halloween party, you might even want to ask some of your guests to bring some ghoulish treats as sort of a potluck style event. This can add both variety and a festive twist to your food table! You can always fill in with a variety of dips and goodies to dip with such as veggies and chips. If you would like, you can even get creative and make food items that are shaped like body parts or eyeballs to remain within the Halloween party theme!

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Haunted House Safety

So you want to get in on the scare craze this Halloween do you? That could mean having a haunted house or a yard haunt for friends and neighbors. Before you begin here are some safety tips to protect you as well as your guests.

1. Contact your insurance company. Hosting such a venture on your property involves liability. Be sure that any incidents during the night are protected under the policy. If this is your first time dealing with this issue, contact them at least two weeks ahead of time.

2. Light the path. We’re not talking flood lights all around the house. Lighting the path ensures that all guests go the proper way and no one ventures off of the track. Also, people can see where they are going without ruining the suspense.

3. Post warnings or have a release for guests to sign. This informs others that what they may see could be too frightening for the elderly and the very young. A signed waver and clearly posted signs protects you from prosecution should something happen.

4. Inform the fire department of your activities. They can go through your setup and identify points of danger. Also, they can be on alert to deal with calls from your home that night.

5. Check with your neighbors. The noise from so many people coming to your home could make you the least favorite person around. Inform neighbors about the upcoming event. One way to deal with this is to of course make sure all your neighbors are invited! Neighborhood associations may have rules and regulations regarding such activities so consult the association president.

6. Keep the gathering small. If this is a yard haunt, the fewer people the better as far as safety. With too many kids running around, someone is bound to have an accident.

7. Use battery operated candles in pumpkins instead of real candles. In the fun of the evening, pumpkins can be turned over or costumes can catch fire. No one wants the evening to turn tragic. Take all precautions.

8. Have enough guides along the way. To ensure safety in the haunted house or yard haunt, have other adult parents to guide small groups of guests through the haunt. This way, the guide always goes first and can comfort any scared kids.

A haunted house is great fun on Halloween. People love to be scared out of their wits. As they scream with fear and delight, you’ll need to be sure nothing goes wrong.

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Halloween and Religion

So what is the big deal between Halloween and religion? Will one night of candy fun corrupt the soul? This is unlikely, but let us take a look at this ongoing topic of debate.

For many, many years, Halloween has been synonymous with witchcraft and evil. Satan’s one night of the year to claim souls for Hell has been the belief of the church and pious individuals. Those who practice dark arts would have us buy into that belief to keep the Christian world dazed and confused.

Let’s set the record straight. Knowledge is power, especially in this instance. Halloween began as a pagan festival of nature where people tried to appease the dead to prevent their intrusion into the world of the living.

But, we all know about superstitions. There was no distinction between the spirits so folks assumed precautions in case the spirits were bad. Unfortunately, it is the stories about bad spirits that have survived and given the celebration of Halloween a bad name.

In an effort to scare people, tales of the undead have been immortalized in books like Frankenstein and Dracula. Movies brought us Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and the Scream guy. People love to be scared, but so much of the fiction has been confused with fact that Christians have been led to believe that the practice of Halloween is evil for their children.

Basically, children know what we tell them. The truth is always best. There are people who practice earth religions like Wicca and those who profess to be Satanists. They derive their greatest influence and media coverage on this night. Even those groups have been made gorier than they actually are through film and books.

Our children will learn that the practice of dressing up and receiving candy is not evil from the knowledge that we obtain. Spirits are not roaming the streets looking to take over their bodies or mess with their minds. In fact, for little ones, it is essential that we not expose them to the scarier side because they could be traumatized by it and fear the fun side of Halloween.

Christians have nothing to fear from Halloween as long as the truth is told. While there are groups who practice magic (the jury is still out) and contact with the dead, they don’t have exclusive rights on Halloween. They practice their crafts all year round and not just this one night of the year.

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