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When the frightening and always festive Halloween party season rolls around, you want to make sure that your family always has a good time. Instead of simply waiting to go out and trick or treat, you can think of putting together a great Halloween party that everyone will enjoy. However, what are you supposed to do if you do not have a ton of money that you can throw into decorations and all sorts of food for your Halloween shindig?Halloween Party - You are Invited

No fear! There are plenty of great ways that you can put together a killer Halloween party without completely breaking the bank. From the costumes all the way down to decorations and food, you can put together a memorable fright fest that all of your guests are sure to love. You simply have to kick your imagination into high gear and set aside the time to implement all of the ideas that you come up with.

Do you happen to have a couple of children who love to do arts and crafts? Gather up your kids and even some of their friends and sit them down with all of the craft supplies that they need to make great Halloween decorations. There are a variety of websites with terrific craft ideas as well as magazines out there that you can use for inspiration. Before you know it, you will have a complete collection of low cost decorations that you can put all over your house for the party.

If you have a dollar store nearby, you may want to think of going there for odds and ends decorations, favor bag goodies or even your paper goods for the party. You would be amazed at some of the affordable, fun items that you can get for a scream of a deal for your party. By saving money in all of these areas, you can put the rest of your budget into some of the food and beverages that you would like to serve up at your Halloween party!

For the food at your Halloween party, you might even want to ask some of your guests to bring some ghoulish treats as sort of a potluck style event. This can add both variety and a festive twist to your food table! You can always fill in with a variety of dips and goodies to dip with such as veggies and chips. If you would like, you can even get creative and make food items that are shaped like body parts or eyeballs to remain within the Halloween party theme!

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Vampires and Halloween

Halloween has been touted as the time when the undead decide they want to come back and visit. There is no bigger undead celebrity than the vampire. Armed with gleaming white fangs and a thirst for all things thick and red, vampires are a popular attraction on Halloween.

What is the basis for the vampire craze? Well, most of what we know came from the book by Bram Stoker. Through science and fiction, he was able to create a character of timeless quality. This is where most myths become immortal. Add a touch of truth to a lot of make believe and you get a concept that people won’t soon forget.

There was once an evil ruler named Vlad the Impaler, a Romanian prince. He was a cruel man, using torture and murder to subdue his victims. He was in perpetual war with the Turks and disposed of his enemies in gruesome ways. His moniker, Impaler, was well earned.

There is no evidence that this man had fangs or drank blood, but the name Dracula was applied to him. It was most likely an association with a knightly order, but his cruel ways perpetuated many myths.

Vampires are thought to be created by other vampires when bitten. Just enough of the blood is taken to turn the victim into one of the undead or the body is drained to kill them. The bloodlust of a vampire is so great that they must kill, or feed, on a regular basis.

There have been vampire chases throughout movies and books. They use garlic, wooden stakes, and holy water to damage their prey. The biggest vampire killer however is sunlight. As the undead, they dwell in darkness. Any light turns them into ash.

Europeans based their beliefs in vampires on folklore and stories of vampire bats. The fear of someone sucking their blood and turning them into an abomination of God frightened them into believing almost anything and doing even more to prevent it from happening to them.

On the American front, vampires are thought to be more sexual than sadistic. They still drink blood, but their dealings with humans are more for pleasure. Unlike witches who use animals as familiars, vampires use humans to do their bidding.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen one or all of the Blade Trilogy movies. Hollywood has scripted most of the modern day beliefs about vampires and Halloween. Demons or deformed gargoyles scare us, but vampires are beautiful and cool so they don’t scare as much on Halloween. Instead, they make a fashion statement.

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Haunted House Safety

So you want to get in on the scare craze this Halloween do you? That could mean having a haunted house or a yard haunt for friends and neighbors. Before you begin here are some safety tips to protect you as well as your guests.

1. Contact your insurance company. Hosting such a venture on your property involves liability. Be sure that any incidents during the night are protected under the policy. If this is your first time dealing with this issue, contact them at least two weeks ahead of time.

2. Light the path. We’re not talking flood lights all around the house. Lighting the path ensures that all guests go the proper way and no one ventures off of the track. Also, people can see where they are going without ruining the suspense.

3. Post warnings or have a release for guests to sign. This informs others that what they may see could be too frightening for the elderly and the very young. A signed waver and clearly posted signs protects you from prosecution should something happen.

4. Inform the fire department of your activities. They can go through your setup and identify points of danger. Also, they can be on alert to deal with calls from your home that night.

5. Check with your neighbors. The noise from so many people coming to your home could make you the least favorite person around. Inform neighbors about the upcoming event. One way to deal with this is to of course make sure all your neighbors are invited! Neighborhood associations may have rules and regulations regarding such activities so consult the association president.

6. Keep the gathering small. If this is a yard haunt, the fewer people the better as far as safety. With too many kids running around, someone is bound to have an accident.

7. Use battery operated candles in pumpkins instead of real candles. In the fun of the evening, pumpkins can be turned over or costumes can catch fire. No one wants the evening to turn tragic. Take all precautions.

8. Have enough guides along the way. To ensure safety in the haunted house or yard haunt, have other adult parents to guide small groups of guests through the haunt. This way, the guide always goes first and can comfort any scared kids.

A haunted house is great fun on Halloween. People love to be scared out of their wits. As they scream with fear and delight, you’ll need to be sure nothing goes wrong.

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There is absolutely nothing worse than being invited out to a Halloween party as a date or with some of your friends and you have nothing up your sleeve. If you are a parent, you may have even been really busy just before Halloween and simply did not have the time to take your children out to shop for costumes or to make them anything elaborate. No matter what your situation may be, there are a bunch of great tips and ideas that you can use in order to put together a fabulous last minute Halloween costume!

When you are in a pinch and you need to throw together a costume at the very last minute, you can go as simple as cutting out eyeholes on a white sheet to getting more elaborate and putting together a scarecrow costume or even a vampire if you have the resources. The great thing about Halloween and choosing a costume is that you can really let your creative side shine. Additionally, if you have a cool discount store nearby, you should be able to wrangle up a bunch of great accessories without spending your entire paycheck in the process.

If you are a female, then you may want to take the route of a witch or even a black cat considering the fact that you may have a number of the clothing and/or accessories already in your closet. Black is the key for these costumes, and if you have black tights, boots, nail polish and more, then you are already more than halfway there. You will really only need to purchase a cat tail and ears for the cat costume and hat, broom and cape for the witch costume. Get as creative as you can with makeup and you have a fast costume that will look amazing!

One of the other great last minute ideas that you can use and transform into several different costumes would be that of a hobo or bum. If you think about it, you could even take mismatched clothing from a clown costume from last year and put it together for a hobo costume this year. Dressing up in a variety of clothing that is brightly colored, putting on makeup and spiking up your hair can also give you an instant punk rocker costume! With so many great things you can find at a discount store or within your home, you should be able to find a last minute costume for Halloween with ease.

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